winetastings and -seminars in complete darkness

Blindprobe Sensorium located in Fie allo Sciliar, South Tyrol

of human perception is visual. If a person cannot see his other senses will become more active: hearing, touching, smelling, tasting. 

Tasting wine in complete darkness is an unique, fascinating and intensive experience. Our teachers and guides are very competent in wine and darkness and will accompany you carefully throughout your stay in our Blindprobe Sensorium. You will be able to highly concentrate on your own sensorical abilities, besides you will increase your knowledge about wine.

Single participants can book open seminars which are offered regularly. Seminars will focus on following subjects:

- seminars for beginners and people who are interested in wine
- seminars for wine-professionels and enthusiasts
- special subjects (e.g. old wines)

Groups between 6 and 10 participants can book seminars on indivdual dates.