Idea and aim of Blindprobe Sensorium explained by our regular collaborators Florian Deroubaix, Dr. phil. Stefan Lindl, Axel Biesler and Silvio Nitzsche.

florainFlorian Deroubaix, physiotherapist, blind

What does the "Blindprobe" mean to me? At first i should use the opportunity to explain what i definiteley donĀ“t see in the project ... continue reading >

stefan lindl 1Dr. phil. Stefan Lindl

When differences bounce against each other things start to move. Fie, the moutains and our Sensorium cannot be more different. On one side you find plenty of visual impressions on the other side the pourism of our Sensorium... continue reading >

axel biesler 1Axel Biesler, winemaker, sommelier and journalist

A dazzling-white illuminates the room. Almost like a laboratory. Wines from all of the kind take their positions on dissecting-tables:
Ready to get divided in sensory components by experts, and pieced up again to umber between 0 and 100... continue reading >

silvio nitzsche 3Silvio Nitzsche, sommelier

Even if some people are convinced, that i can fascinate wine lovers with my particular style of describing wines through words, i knew after my first visit in the Blindprobe Sensorium... continue reading >