All seminars will last approximately 120 minutes. 

Your stay in Blindprobe Sensorium, in complete darkness is thoroughly arranged in order that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A "specialist" for darkness - a blind person, will guide you into the Sensorium. He will give you all the information you need to get familiar with the new surrounding. He will look after you during your complete stay in darkness. This assures that you feel save and comfortable.

Currently we are offering seminars about following subjects:

seminar for beginners and people who are interested in wine

Supported through darkness and guided by an experienced sommelier you will be able to focus on your own senses and discover the basics of wine sensory. Aim of the seminar is to provide you the "tools" to analyse and discribe wines in order to improve your confidence in your own taste of wine. 

 seminar for wine-professionals and enthusiasts 

Discover new aspects of your sensorical perception. Together with a sommelier you will taste and analyse an interesting variety of wines. Aim of the seminar is not the competition of participants. Aim is rather to enforce your individual sensorical abilities and to exchange experiences.

 old wines

To taste ripe and older wines is a fascinating experience. The darkness will enforce this experience. You should have visited one of our other seminars before.

individual seminars for groups

Groups between 6 and 10 participants can book seminars on indivdual dates.

creating wine, creating the world around
seminar with the philosoph Dr. Stefan Lindl 

What opportunities do we have to treat the world around us? How can we create something new out of a thing which developed and grew. This is the very focus of this seminar. Not only in the darkness of our Sensorium, but also during a walk around in the village Fie. Architecture, art and wine will be questioned: in which mental attitude have they been created? Which view of life of their creater can we extract? This seminar is based on an easy philosophic approach. It uses the local opportunities: the visual diversity and beauty of Fie on one hand and the pourism of darkness on the other hand.  The hard contrasts will be lead together under the supervision of the philosoph Stefan Lindl. Aim of the seminar is self knowledge and critisism about the possibilities of human creation.