idee3axel biesler 1room for your senses

by Axel Biesler

winemaker, sommelier and journalist

A dazzling-white illuminates the room. Almost like a laboratory. Wines from all of the kind take their positions on dissecting-tables: Ready to get divided in sensory components by experts, and pieced up again to numbers between 0 and 100. Adding up appearance, smell and taste to a sum. The more the merrier. Prestissimo-intervals. No time for sensuality.

The Blindprobe Sensorium. A tasting in complete darkness! Without any sense of sight it rules for all to position themselves in an uncommon situation. That needs time. On the one hand. On the other hand this process creates time and a new reality, which originates from our “chemical-sense” raising an all new topic, a new language. Everyone who ever was overwhelmed by an extraordinary wine knows about the time this process needs, and the misery putting uniqueness into words. Tasting wines in complete darkness creates “insensible” time und sharpens senses for a new way to talk about wine.