idee3florainroom for your senses

by Florian Deroubaix, physiotherapist, blind

What does the "Blindprobe" mean to me? At first i should use the opportunity to explain what i definiteley don´t see in the project:

One aspect of "Blindprobe" is the integration of handicaped. However the project is not supported by any social associations. Besides, this project does not belong to the booming category of  events, where people consum an expensive dinner in darkness and at the same time find the opportunity to question a "real blind person" about his life.

Contrarily, the blind guide in "Blindprobe" guarantees perfect service and attention for the guests. He doesn´t regard himself as a courious object which can be looked at once participants return into light. He always is a activ part of a "Blindprobe" seminar. 
Pharisaic do-gooding is far away from our concept.

But also contents of our programm differ strongly in intensity and aim to most of events and project in darkness. In order to intensivy the experience, to give senses as much room as possible, it came clear that wine is the perfect medium for this purpose. How fundamental consciousness of smelling and tasting changes in the dark can be found by wine in various manners.

In our Sensorium in Fie we also find potential for exceptional readings, concerts or expositions. 

"Blindprobe" is a real antipole in our extremly visualised epoche. It reminds us that we have more than a visual sense to experience and discover our sourroundings in a multifaceted way. Because its valid for all of us:

A good wine should be drunken consciously, the sophisticated word and music listend carefully and the forms of a sculputure touched intensely.