idee3silvio nitzsche 3room for your senses

by Silvio Nitzsche

Even if some people are convinced, that i can fascinate wine lovers with my particular style of describing wines through words, i knew after my first visit in the Blindprobe Sensorium that i will never be able to touch people with wine in the visual world in such a sensitive, emotional and deep sense, as i can do it in darkness.

Since i participate in Blindprobe Sensorium and supervise seminars i have learned so unbelievable much about sensibility, harmony and a very special way to work with wine.

I do not know any comparable wine school situation in which i had to work so hard, so poignant and in the same way so responsive with the participents. In this moment, when you take their visual sense, that means 70% of their total sense, they do have more space for all the other appreciations. The most difficult part of this unusual situation is to guide people to enjoy the additional recognitions. 

Thanks to Blindprobe Sensorium, i could take many impressions, thoughts and experiences back in the visual world. They help me a lot to explain wine to my guests in a more plastic, understandable, reasonable and clear way.

I think there is nothing comparable with the Blindprobe Sensorium  in this world – it is a "to do" for every wine lover.