idee3stefan lindl 1room for your senses

by Dr. phil. Stefan Lindl

When differences bounce against each other things start to move. Fie, the moutains and our Sensorium cannot be more different. On one side you find plenty of visual impressions on the other side the pourism of our Sensorium.

The Sensorium could be well discribed as a very small desert in a huge and beautiful oasis, the altipiano dello Sciliar. Who wants to get to know the other side only needs to do a small step, away from the feast for the eyes and into the darkness. In the darkness the outer beauty will disappear. But the loss will be equalized through the view in the own inside world.

Such a sensitive sourrounding allows interesting experiments.
In my opinion, the Sensorium as well as the altipiano dello Sciliar is like a laboratory. In every corner, in every point of view and in every bottle of wine is a cognition which merely seems to wait for discovery.